MassText: an easy way to send a text message to an infinite amount of people at once

by: erikt.
(developmental) graphical interface by: ianaré

Project Page:

Description: MassText asks users for a phone number(s) and a message and then sends the message to the phone number in the form of a text message. The purpose of MassText is to send a text message to many people at once. MassText is currently released as an alpha version: it works, but is still not completely stable and is still under heavy development. Soon MassText will have a GUI interface.

In order to download MassText, please visit
MassText should automatically download. You can extract it from the archive using a program such as
This is not an official release. At first I released MassText as official release versions but this stopped making sense once the Subversion system was utilized. This link is automatically updated to download the latest committed code, so please keep in mind there's a chance that it could still have bugs in it.

In order to use MassText right now, you have to use the text-based version by running "python console". In order to preview the (currently non-functioning) gui-version, run "python MassText"

Project Development:
This project is currently under heavy development, meaning new and more user-friendly features are being added on a near-daily basis. In order to contribute to the project, please contact me at erikthiem <at> and I will be happy to add you on sourceforge as a developer to the project. If you wish to download the above link (the newest version) by SVN, you can use:
svn co masstext

Help/Feature Requests/Bugs:
To get help, to report bugs, or to submit a request for a new feature, please visit and choose the desired option.